About Load Moment Indicator For Industrial Passenger Lift

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This Load Movement Indicator (L.M.I.) is a safety device A crane load indicator is a cab mounted display connected to various types of load sensors that show crane operator weight they are lifting. The load indicator can also have other options to monitor more additional information such as anti-two-block, boom angle, length and radius, it does have the crane's load chart programmed into memory and it does calculate the safe working load or warn to the operator overload contidion and safe position of the crane.

Provided Parameters :-

•Actual Load

•Over Load Alarm

•Relay Cut Off (NO/NC, Common)

•Easy to Calibrate

•We can Set Overload Anywhere(By User)

•Overload Alert (Audible and Physical Cut off)

•Unsafe Condition (Audible and Physical Cut off)



1.  Load Output: Analog Output

2.  Relay Working Voltage: NO/NC 110

3. Lift solution up to 10000 Kg with 10

4. Lift solution up to 120000 Kg With 100 Kg List Count

5. High Accuracy, Load Cell For Load Measurement

6. High Reliability

7. Flash Proof & Dust Proof, High Durability, Light Weight

8. Rugged Design & Construction for Outdoor Duty

9. Alert or Alarm Conditions

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