About Crane Safe Load Indicator For Marine Crane

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SLI For Marine Crane Control unit is so perfect that measures the safe working condition for Operator, However, when lifting capacity is reached the defined limit, then the System automatically locks the Crane/machinery until the operator press the bypass button provided in the system control unit or until the Operator back to safe mode by adjusting the situation (angle/boom length/ load)


    Provided Parameters

  • Actual Load
  • Safe Load
  • Angle
  • Radius
  • Boom Length
  • Selected Falls
  • Selected Mode
  • Overload Alert (Visual, Audible, Physical Cutoff)
  • A2B Alert (Visual, Audible, Physical Cut Off)
  • Unsafe Condition (Visual, Audible, Physical Cut Off)
  • Percentage Graph
  • Load Accuracy +- On Full Scale Load Capacity
Digital Display: Alpha Numeric 16×2” Display
Audio-Visual Indication:   80 db at 5 meter
Analog Inputs: Up to eight, taken as current or voltage input
Digital inputs: Up to eight, monitoring on or off state
Motion cut-off output: Three independent potentials free relay
Working Voltage: 240v AC/110v AC/ 24v DC/ 12v DC
Operating Temperature range: 0 deg C to 60 deg C

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